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Speech Therapy

Why Rockford Speech Therapy

Rockford Speech Therapy is unique because of its flexibility and personal attention. We offer personalized attention with therapy carefully tailored to each one's needs.

Multiple ways
to access therapy

Balancing work, family, and daily demands can be a struggle; we strive to provide convenient therapy times, including after work, to fit your hectic schedule.

Rockford Speech Therapy In-office Services


We offer speech therapy and consulting services at our Rockford and Belmont, Michigan, locations.

Rockford Speech Therapy Virtual Services


If you can't make an office visit, we provide services over Zoom and other internet applications.

Rockford Speech Therapy Alternative Locations


We can meet you where it's convenient. Whether it's in your home or daycare, let us know what works best.

Our Clients

​We serve various clients at Rockford Speech - from children to adults. We assess and treat children who have developmental and language delays, speech and oral motor issues, stuttering, and children on the autism spectrum. If your family is bilingual/multilingual, our Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologists can determine if your child has a language disorder or if they are simply learning multiple languages. We have a passion for bilingual development and would love to help your family find the best ways to integrate languages spoken in the home. We also serve adults for accent modification coaching and stuttering therapy.

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Meet the Team


Owner and Bilingual Speech Therapist


Speech & Feeding Therapist 


Bilingual Speech Therapist 


Carly Reimer

Occupational Therapist


Occupational Therapist


Administrative Assistant

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