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Services for Adults

Along with speech therapy services for children, Rockford Speech Therapy also provides speech therapy services for adults, including stuttering and accent training/modification.

Multiple ways
to access therapy

Balancing work, family, and daily demands can be a struggle; we strive to provide convenient therapy times, including after work, to fit your hectic schedule.

Rockford Speech Therapy In-office Services


We offer speech therapy and consulting services at our Rockford and Belmont, Michigan, locations.

Rockford Speech Therapy Virtual Services


If you can't make an office visit, we provide services over Zoom and other internet applications.

Rockford Speech Therapy Alternative Locations


We can meet you where it's convenient. Whether it's in your home or daycare, let us know what works best.


Orofacial Myology

Orofacial myology is a therapy service separate from speech therapy that aims to study and treat the mouth and face muscles and how they relate to our teeth, speech, and how we chew and swallow for ages 4+. Orofacial myology helps to eliminate improper swallowing and chewing patterns, normalize tongue and lip resting postures, improve speech, establish healthy nasal breathing patterns, stabilize teeth from extraneous muscle movement of the face and mouth, and help to break negative oral habits (i.e., thumb/finger sucking, etc.).

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Sports Concussions

Injuries to the brain can impact more than we think. Traumatic brain injuries and sports concussions can affect a person’s ability to think, organize information, remember information, regulate emotions, and so much more. We provide a multitude of functional strategies to help our clients succeed and to help them get back on their feet. Our clients gear our sessions, and while we provide the strategy and the tools, we follow our clients’ lead.

Aphasia and Apraxia

Aphasia and apraxia following a stroke can feel incredibly overwhelming. Our speech-language pathologists are skilled at finding functional ways to increase speech and language skills in a practical manner and work with all types of aphasia. Our therapy can extend beyond the clinic setting and follow our clients to their local grocery store, coffee shop, and much more.

Dysarthria and Other Motor Speech Disorders

Dysarthria, and other motor speech disorders, can result in slow, slurred-sounding speech. Our speech-language pathologists used evidence-based practices to teach the best strategies and tools for correcting speech and increasing its clarity.


Rockford Speech Therapy provides stuttering therapy to adults; whether you have had speech therapy before or not, we can help give you functional strategies to help you achieve your goals.

ADHD and Executive Functioning

Executive functioning includes the areas of memory, attention, planning, reasoning, and problem-solving. The executive functioning disorder can show up as focusing too much on one thing, difficulty starting tasks, impulse control issues, difficulty regulating emotions, daydreaming, being easy to distract, trouble multitasking or switching from task to task, remembering things, difficulty thinking or processing information, trouble mentally mapping out various tasks, difficulty reasoning through situations, and problem-solving. Our trained speech and occupational therapists assist individuals in these areas and help build strategies and tools with their clients to support them best.


Caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. We work hard at Rockford Speech to provide strategies and tools for not just our clients but for our families as well. We place a strong emphasis on caregiver and client support so that our families feel they have exactly what they need.

Accent training/Modification

Rockford Speech Therapy provides accent coaching. Accent training or accent modification is not speech therapy. You can read more about the difference here, and if you're interested,  Global Expressions Accent Services provides accent training/modification.


We accept several health insurance plans to address your financial concerns, including Workman's Comp, and Auto Insurance.

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