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Chalkboard with Different Languages

bilingual services

We offer specialized training in assessing children's communication disorders in bilingual/multilingual children and training in treating disorders in bilingual children. If your family is bilingual/multilingual, our Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologists determine if your child has a language disorder or is learning multiple languages. We also have a passion for bilingual development and would love to help your family find the best ways to integrate languages spoken in the home.

Online Meeting

video consultation

Our RST Speech-Langauge Pathilogests have training and experience working with individuals who speak English as a second language. If you think your child has a language disorder, set up a video chat with us to discuss the problem and the best plan to fix it.

Adult Students

assessment support

We work with native speakers to analyze your data to determine whether the child has a language difference or disorder.​  We can send you assessment materials that can help your evaluation go smoothly.

School Hallway

training and school contracts

We work with local school districts needing bilingual speech/language evaluations and treatment. We can provide training virtually or at your facility. Contact us for more information.

On a Video Call


Rockford Speech Therapy will be providing certified interpreters who can interpret during evaluations, meetings, and therapy sessions.

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