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At Rockford Speech Therapy, various services are available for children ages 0-18 years old. We serve children who have communication disorders such as expressive/receptive disorders, articulation/phonological disorders, and stuttering. We also help children who need Alternative or Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices or services. We offer individual one-on-one therapy as well as alternative locations and parent coaching.

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individual therapy

One-on-one speech therapy tailored for your child's needs with fun activities that keep them engaged. Sessions run from 45 minutes to 75 minutes, depending on your needs and timeline. The therapy needs would be assessed in a consultation/meet and greet, and from there, we would decide the path to take.

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early language

Babies have many new skills to learn—lifting their heads, sitting up, and saying their first words! Parents are often concerned when a child's development seems slower than expected. If your toddler is not saying words as quickly as his peers, he may need some support for the early language. Early language is for children from birth-3 years old who need help with their early communication skills.


alternative locations

We're flexible! If an office visit doesn't work, we can meet you where it's convenient. Whether it's in your home, daycare, or a coffee shop close to your work, let us know what works best for you and your family.



Fluency/Stuttering is when a child may struggle to get words out or repeat part or whole words. There are various treatment techniques for stuttering depending on the child's age, including direct, indirect therapy, or a combination of the two.

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expressive/receptive language disorder

A Receptive Language Disorder is when a child may have difficulty understanding language, they may not understand what certain words mean or how they go together. They may have trouble following directions or answering questions appropriately.

An Expressive Language Disorder is when a child may have difficulty using language. They may have trouble putting words together in the correct form or order (grammar) or knowing the appropriate names (vocabulary).

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alternative & augmentative communication (AAC)

AAC refers to methods of communicating that do not involve direct speech from an individual. These methods include gestures, facial expressions, writing, sign language, communication aids (charts, language boards), and electronic devices. AAC is considered a language in itself. If your child is nonverbal or using AAC to help support their communication skills. We can help you choose the correct device and incorporate it into your everyday routines.

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parent coaching

Parent/Caregiver coaching is available and includes activities and strategies to incorporate into your everyday routines that promote language development. We meet with parents for 30-60 minutes individually or incorporate parent coaching into the child's therapy. The goal is to give the parent the strategies they need to help their child with their speech/language development effectively.


articulation and phonological disorder

An Articulation Disorder is when a child may have difficulty saying a specific sound or sounds (such as saying "wabbit" for "rabbit" or "wamp" for "lamp").

A Phonological Disorder is when a child may have difficulty with specific patterns of sounds (such as leaving off the beginning or ending sounds in words, or one sound in consonant clusters, such as saying "top" for "stop").

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occupational therapy

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