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Do you have a child who speaks a language other than English, and you're unsure if it's a language disorder or simply a language difference? We can help! Fill out the contact form below!

Multiple ways
to access therapy

Balancing work, family, and daily demands can be a struggle; we strive to provide convenient therapy times, including after work, to fit your hectic schedule.

Rockford Speech Therapy In-office Services


We offer speech therapy and consulting services at our Rockford and Belmont, Michigan, locations.

Rockford Speech Therapy Virtual Services


If you can't make an office visit, we provide services over Zoom and other internet applications.

Rockford Speech Therapy Alternative Locations


We can meet you where it's convenient. Whether it's in your home or daycare, let us know what works best.

Our Services

Video Consultation

We offer professional consultations via video chat to Speech-Langauge Pathologists with training and experience working with individuals who speak English as a second language. Have a tricky case or need a fresh idea? Set up a video chat, and let's tackle the issue together.

Assessment Support

Need language samples or other assessment materials analyzed? We work with native speakers to analyze your data to determine whether the child has a language difference or disorder.​ Not sure what materials you need? - Ask us!​ We can send you assessment materials that can help your evaluation go smoothly.

Training and School Contracts

Rockford Speech Therapy contracts with local school districts needing bilingual speech/language evaluations and treatment. We also provide training in assessing and treating children whose second language is English. Contact us for more information on how to receive this training at your facility or via Zoom.


Rockford Speech Therapy will soon provide certified interpreters to interpret during your evaluation, meeting, or therapy sessions. They can even translate documents such as handouts or other reports!​ Examples of Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Polish.


We accept several health insurance plans to address your financial concerns, including Workman's Comp, and Auto Insurance.

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