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Speaking Practice

Integrated Therapy
for Communication

Servicing the Rockford/Grand Rapids Area
Rockford Speech Therapy Children Services


We offer individual one-on-one therapy, alternative locations, parent coaching for communication disorders, and help children needing AAC devices or services.

Rockford Speech Therapy Adult Services


We provide speech therapy services for adults with ADHD, Alzheimer's, recovering from strokes and brain injuries, and stuttering and accent training/modification.

Rockford Speech Therapy Bilingual Services


We offer specialized training in assessing children's communication disorders in bilingual/multilingual children and training in treating disorders in bilingual children.

Rockford Speech Therapy Consulting Services


If you need language samples, assessment materials analyzed or are unsure what materials you need, we can provide training at your facility or via Zoom.


Helping everyone
learn to communicate

Welcome to Rockford Speech Therapy LLC, a vibrant clinic that caters to individuals of all ages. Our team of dedicated speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists are committed to creating an engaging therapy experience that incorporates elements from everyday life. Our primary goal is to empower everyone to communicate effectively, in ways that are best suited for them and their families.


With specialized expertise in early language development, bilingual assessment and treatment, and helping children with expressive and receptive language disorders stemming from developmental delays, we also extend our services to adults with diverse needs. From individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to those experiencing aphasia, stuttering, cognitive disorders, and more, we provide tailored therapy solutions to enhance communication skills and foster lasting progress.


Located conveniently in Rockford and Belmont, Michigan, our clinics are designed to meet the unique needs of both children and adults. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive services and addressing various communication challenges. In addition to our in-clinic therapy options, we proudly offer in-home sessions in Rockford. For those unable to visit our clinic or located outside the area, we also provide teletherapy services, ensuring accessibility to our expertise from anywhere.

Join us at Rockford Speech Therapy, where communication knows no bounds. Let us guide you or your loved one on a transformative journey towards effective communication and improved quality of life. Contact us today to embark on a path of personalized therapy and remarkable progress.

What clients say

"Marissa was great speech therapist to work with. My daughter had problems with stuttering when she would get nervous. Marissa was incredibly patient with her and helped her to learn strategies to manage it. My daughter feels much more confident, and stuttering is no longer a concern for her. I highly recommend Rockford Speech Therapy!"

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