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What Can a Pediatric Occupational Therapist help with?

What is occupational therapy?

Does your child struggle in school, at home, or when you’re out in the community? Do you wonder if your child is meeting their milestones? Occupational therapy could be the resource you’re looking for!

At its core, occupational therapy helps children become more independent and successful in their daily tasks and activities. This could be anything from self-care needs such as getting dressed, eating, or potty training, to more leisure-type activities such as playing or arts and crafts.

Occupational therapy can help determine underlying factors that could be impacting your child’s performance in these daily activities. Examples of these include: fine motor skills, dexterity and coordination, visual perceptual skills, cognitive skills, executive functioning skills, or sensory self-regulation skills.

These difficulties don’t always jump out at us! Sometimes they look like picky eating, difficulty learning how to use the bathroom, messy drawing or writing, having trouble completing or remembering routines or tasks.

Look out for future blog posts, and tips & tricks quick sheets for more information on occupational therapy. In the meantime, any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!


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