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Summer Language Fun with Bubbles!

I used bubbles today to target some early sounds (e.g. b, p, t, d, k, g/) and to target requesting. Bubbles are a great way to work with kids of all ages. Because who doesn't love bubbles? I especially like to use them with my young kiddos for targeting actions and requesting. But there are tons of ways to integrate speech/language at home using bubbles:

If your child is working on:

Early developing sounds (e.g. b, p, t, d, k, g/)

  • Here are some words that you can use while blowing bubbles: poke, pick, pop, put, look, catch, shake, go, set, gone, grab, big, blow, do, down, ready.

Following directions

  • There are many 1-2 step directions you can do with bubbles: “spin around then blow a bubble.”, “pop the bubble”

Simple “Who” questions

  • You can ask questions like “Who’s going to pop/blow the bubbles?”

Actions words:

  • Help, see, jump, poke, pick, play, go, blow, put, want, open, pop, look, watch

Basic concepts:

  • in/out, open/close, up/down, high/low, all/none, on/off (lid), few/many, full/empty

Carrier Phrases:

  • “I want ___”, “I see____”, “I caught ____”

Bubbles are also good for turn-taking and waiting!

Looking for more ideas? Just let me know! @RockfordSpeech or

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