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Speech Therapy Home Resources

With schools and clinics closed due to the Coronavirus, many kiddos are not receiving their usual speech therapy. I have compiled a list of resources that I use and resources shared by other speech therapists that you can use at home with your child, including apps, websites and books. The list is very long because I wanted you to have all the resources you might need.

Go to my blog to check out these resources. I would love to help you figure out the right resource for you to work with your child at home. I also will be providing teletherapy for my clients. So please contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested in teletherapy!

Apps for Articulation

Articulation Flip Book (free)

Small Talk Phonemes (free)

Quick Artic (free)

Articulation Carnival (free; requires in-app purchase)

Artik Pix (free; requires in-app purchase)

Phonics Studio (free)

Articulation Station (free; requires in-app purchase)

Webber Photo Artic Castle (free; requires in-app purchase)

Speech with Milo: Articulation ($6.99; may require in-app purchase)

/r/ Intensive ($19.99)

All About Sounds ($1.99)

Speech Hangman ($4.99 + in-app purchase for specific sounds)

Articulation Scenes ($29.99)

Articulation Games ($34.99)

Tic-Tac-Talk ($4.99 + in-app purchase for specific sounds)

Apps for Language

Homophones (free)

Touch the Sound (free)

Story Wheel Lite (free)

Comparative Adjectives (free)

Let's Name Things Fun Deck (free)

Same Sound Spell Bound - homophones ($0.99)

Noodle Words HD ($2.99)

Magical Concepts ($4.99)

More Fun with Directions ($15.99)

Categories Learning Center ($9.99)

Things That Go Together ($0.99)

House of Learning ($6.99)

Preposition Remix ($9.99)

Auditory Workout ($19.99)

Splingo's Language Universe ($2.99)

Rainbow Sentences ($7.99)

Describe It SLP ($8.99)

Language Adventures ($14.99)

Wh- Question Cards (free; requires in-app purchase required for more cards)

Compare & Contrast Fun Deck ($3.99)

Speech With Milo (there are several different Milo apps - verbs, sequencing, prepositions, feelings, adjectives; most range from $.99-2.99)

Sentence Builder: Teen ($5.99)

Websites for Expressive Language

Vooks is an online animated stories site with lesson plans available to read books and answer questions: Vooks is a great resource to use in the home with your children. Vooks is a streaming library of ad-free, kid-safe animated read-aloud storybooks, trusted by teachers and enjoyed by millions of children around the world every week. It is an entire library of storybooks, brought to life, to help encourage the love of reading. You can sign up for Vooks and use the take-home resources to help keep your children reading 20 minutes a day during these extraordinary times.

Sign Up Link:

(educators gets Vooks free for one year when you put in your school email address)

Take-Home Lesson Plans

Infercabulary; Special offer of 2 free months -

Vocabulary- elementary to high school common core vocabulary word practice

Science Vocab and other subjects w/worksheets

Tracy Boyd’s online language games - Class Page - havefun

Free parent Handouts for vocabulary, book/app suggestions and language strategies:

Websites for Receptive Language

Vocabulary resource: Special offer of 2 free months

Cloze Technique activities, incorporating music; SLP in the Middle: great for following directions and sequencing

Tracy Boyd’s online language games -

Highlights for Kids -

Basic Concepts Scavenger Hunt: … For actors and actresses reading books aloud. Good visuals of story pages.

Apraxia of Speech

Beginning Sounds Song

Sign Language

Phonics … for auditory rhyming activity (Phonics-Clifford)


Home-Speech-Home - specific sounds in words, sentences, and paragraphs-

Tracy Boyd’s online articulation games (matching, concentration)-

Minimal pairs by Caroline Bowen-JV

Speech and Language Home Practice (Free TpT download)

Scroll down’s Corner- reading specialist/teacher created free resources- scroll down to Website Directory (Blends Bonanza has word lists/activities for many blends)

Speech artic calendar//distance learning resource FREE on TPT

Breanna’s Speech Shop Articulation Freebie:

Pragmatics - sign up for a free trial. Also free if your SLP has access. - free right now only

Model Me Going Places 2- free social stories app

Ms. Lane’s SLP materials

Short wordless videos

Free use of Social Express Interactive Software through April 15th

Rhyming, blending

Tons of resources and visual supports:


The Stuttering Foundation -

Various Learning Resources - all areas of speech therapy - all areas of speech therapy

Cloze Technique activities, incorporating music; SLP in the Middle:

Or therapy ideas for older students on her FB page: SLP in the Middle Diary of the Speech Lady - search “free speech therapy”

Speech & Language Kids -

Mmmm Starfall -

Jill Kuzma

Modelmekids app - community-based social stories

Free reading sources

PBS Learning Media



Best educational Netflix shows for elementary school

  • The Magic School Bus

  • Octonauts

  • Brainchild

  • Ask the Storybots

  • The Who Was? Show

  • Dino Hunt

  • If I Were an Animal

  • Disney Nature: Oceans

  • White Fang

  • Growing Up Wild

  • Dream Big

AAC Resources

Other Activities

The Cincinnati Zoo is creating a Home Safari Facebook Live each weekday at 3pm where we will highlight one of our amazing animals and include an activity you can do from home. Starting Monday, March 16 at 3pm EST for the first Home Safari- featuring Fiona!

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