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Speech Therapy Home Resources

With schools and clinics closed due to the Coronavirus, many kiddos are not receiving their usual speech therapy. I have compiled a list of resources that I use and resources shared by other speech therapists that you can use at home with your child, including apps, websites and books. The list is very long because I wanted you to have all the resources you might need.

Go to my blog to check out these resources. I would love to help you figure out the right resource for you to work with your child at home. I also will be providing teletherapy for my clients. So please contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested in teletherapy!

Apps for Articulation

Articulation Flip Book (free)

Small Talk Phonemes (free)

Quick Artic (free)

Articulation Carnival (free; requires in-app purchase)

Artik Pix (free; requires in-app purchase)

Phonics Studio (free)

Articulation Station (free; requires in-app purchase)

Webber Photo Artic Castle (free; requires in-app purchase)

Speech with Milo: Articulation ($6.99; may require in-app purchase)

/r/ Intensive ($19.99)

All About Sounds ($1.99)

Speech Hangman ($4.99 + in-app purchase for specific sounds)

Articulation Scenes ($29.99)

Articulation Games ($34.99)

Tic-Tac-Talk ($4.99 + in-app purchase for specific sounds)

Apps for Language

Homophones (free)

Touch the Sound (free)

Story Wheel Lite (free)

Comparative Adjectives (free)

Let's Name Things Fun Deck (free)

Same Sound Spell Bound - homophones ($0.99)

Noodle Words HD ($2.99)

Magical Concepts ($4.99)

More Fun with Directions ($15.99)

Categories Learning Center ($9.99)

Things That Go Together ($0.99)

House of Learning ($6.99)

Preposition Remix ($9.99)

Auditory Workout ($19.99)

Splingo's Language Universe ($2.99)

Rainbow Sentences ($7.99)

Describe It SLP ($8.99)