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Parent-Led Therapy

Updated: May 21, 2020

Parent-Led therapy a.k.a Parent coaching is a great research-based therapy technique to use in speech therapy for kiddos who are under three years old. That idea is that as a parent you are with your child the most, know them best and therefore are the best teacher and expert on your child. We work together to figure out strategies that you can use at home during your everyday routines. Here is a sample of how a session will typically go: • Planning together: We will talk about strategies you might have tried at home already and discuss the plan for our session that day. • Play and observe: I'll join in on an activity that you and your child are already doing, showing you some strategies, and then you will try the strategies on your own. • Time to practice: Together we practice new ways to help your child meet their language goals and discuss how to build strategies you have learned into your daily routines. • Look back and discuss: We discuss what strategies worked and what maybe did not work and why. I'll then share some information and figure out what strategies will help you meet goals for your child. • Planning together: We will then talk about what we want to try with your child between visits and what we will work on in our next session. • Your turn!: You'll practice using the new strategies during your everyday routine in between our visits.

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