At Rockford Speech Therapy, there are a vareity of services to better help children, adults, and families improve communication skills. We specialize in all things language from accent modification to language delay and bilingual language development. 


Below are the services listed with the benefits of each service and the overview of each appointment, reach out if you have any further questions!

Individual Therapy

One-on-one speech therapy tailored for your child's needs with fun activities that keep them engaged. Sessions run from 45 minutes to 75 minutes depending on your needs and timeline. The needs would be assessed in a consultation/meet and greet and from there we would decide the path to take.

Bilingual Therapy

Specialized training in the assessment of children's communication disorders in bilingual/multilingual children as well as training in the treatment of disorders in bilingual children.  If your family is bilingual/multilingual, I'm trained to determine if your child has a language disorder or if they are learning multiple languages. I also have a passion for bilingual development and would love to help your family find the best ways to integrate languages spoken in the home. 

American Accent Dialect Coaching 

Accent Modification is an elective service sought by individuals who want to sound as though they are a native American English speaker, by changing or modifying their pronunciation of words in a second language, such as English. 
Usually the main focus is learning to correctly pronounce sounds in American English but it can also include understanding idioms or confusing terms.


Have a mommy and me classes at your facility? Yoga classes with young children? Or want training at your daycare facility? Rockford Speech Therapy offers classes and consulting for a variety of topics. 


Topics include:

Early Language development 

Language enrichment strategies

Using books to enhance language


Contact for more details and questions . 

Parent Coaching

Parent/Caregiver coaching is available. This includes activities and strategies to incorporate into your everyday routines that promote language development. This would include meeting with the parent for 30-60 minutes individually, or parent coaching can be incorporated into the child's therapy. The goal is to give the parent the strategies that they need to effectively help their child with their speech/language development.

Alternate Locations

Along with the clinic, I'm able to meet you where is most convenient for you. Whether it's in your home , daycare or a meeting to discuss progress at a  coffee shop that's close to your work. Let me know what works best for you and your family. 

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